Friday isn't bad, somehow.

Having an unplanned plan never excrutiate you especially when it comes to Friday -- you know, the beginning of your weekend, totally worth it. Me and my few friends went to a lovely place today. Adis Tiporang. I have no idea what does that mean but that must be some words which PROBABLY define about, river. Hah that capital 'probably' means so much.

Anyway this place is located in the northwestern part of Borneo. A good place to relax and chill. And what we did today was, having a homemade pork burger(actually it wasn't homemade, we made it next to the river.hehe). I guess that was my first attempt on diy burger and I fuckin nailed it, because it tasted, so, good.

It took only few minutes to prepare. A magical mixture of chopped onions, minced pork meat and salt for god sake and it leads us to this.

The grill-and-flip basket helped very much for the patties instead of our tiny sausage. ha. ha.

These cheese must be a criminal. They make me hungry now. Gotta go.

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