This is one of our Secretive creature, found in Vietnam, the saola or best to be called the Asian Unicorn.
Whoaaa we have a unicorn? Unlike the imaginary unicorn, this saola has two sharp horns.

They said that unicorn is a symbol of purity and grace and can only be seen by those virgins. I have no idea if it was true or not. But they also believed that its horn has the power to heal sickness and purify poisoned water. 

In one of his notebooks Leonardo da Vinci wrote:
"The unicorn, through its intemperance and not knowing how to control itself, for the love it bears to fair maidens forgets its ferocity and wildness; and laying aside all fear it will go up to a seated damsel and go to sleep in her lap, and thus the hunters take it."

Shakespeare scholars describe unicorns being captured by a hunter standing in front of a tree, the unicorn goaded into charging; the hunter would step aside the last moment and the unicorn would embed its horn deeply into the tree.(source)

But today, I glanced through the Yahoo!News and found this article. and strucked too!

Head here for more information

From Borneo to le Zermatt

The stretch of Alpine mountains that runs through the country divides Europe into two. Zermatt, is a beautiful village that I really wanted to go to. Behind those mountains, there's a lot I can do. I really enjoy doing outdoor activities but.. here, in my town I'm living in right now, I never had the chance. I did. But I don't like that feeling of having a short-happiness. But I do feel grateful though.

I always wanted to get out from this country some day, after having enough money for me to afford everything--which includes my foods, shopping, a place to enjoy a long-spectacular rest (with whomever I go there with), beers, and etc.

And since Switzerland is having a well-developed train route system, that would be an awesome thing to try. I never get on a train since I was a foetus. I would love to travel by the panoramic train here in Switzerland and get a clear view of the country-side.


I am getting really bored here. I came to work just for waiting the clock turns to 5 and go home. It is super relaxing but I just can't do this. Bahahah! I mean, I just can't do nothing. But it feels really good waking up in the morning, had breakfast in the car and morning cigars during the journey. I have an interview this saturday, though. I hope it went well.

This cat appeared at the door just now, asking for food. Actually he's doing it for his pregnant wife. :)

4:40p.m. now. Pffft. I am buffering here. 

Patience Level 9999

When you wanted to be so good, you don't just be good, you don't just go that way alone.

You know what I mean?

Well actually you can. But then, have you thought about your ability to make people--other people-- think that way? Think that you're good. You can't adjust them. You're lack of that talent. For god sake, you're very cool to me. But to others?

Everyone needs to be respect. Everyone needs it.

You'll notice the reason I crap about this shit in my blog, maybe one day, but maybe one not-going-to-happen day. Because I'm bad at telling people what to and what not to do. Because everytime I try to tell them, I didn't get the consideration, I get the guilt. And being an automated-competetitor. somehow.

But the main point is : please. I don't want to see anger everyday, I don't want to see hatred everyday.
I do have the mirror. I know I am like that too. But please, control it for the sake of joy.

You know what is my next mission?

Few friends might help me with this situation.

I am looking at the bottom left of my purse to see if I have anything left to get myself some snacks and drinks at the convenience store.

I told myself that I got nothing left and the lizzard tsk at my statement so I run to my bed and turn on the TV and watch some chinese movies.

Life is so funny.

It put me in this horrible situation. I am looking at people laughing out so loud with their friends and I realized...

I should find some friend.

Is that Nature

Don't tell me ‘a handbag looks beautiful’. I just really really can't see a beauty on a handbag. well unless it's leather and world can call it a SLINGBAG? I know what is your next question will be. “How old are you?!”
Let me ease you. I’m 21. As 21 as hell. I am very keen in being this young, but have to go through what old people went through. I know what are you going to say next. “You don’t know how they feel. You don’t know what they went through.”

Okay. I don’t. But at least I know a little piece of it. Let me tell you one thing about myself. I keep changing thoughts. I think I’m very awesome at that. I can have thirty five thoughts in 10 seconds. And change them in the next micro-sec.

You know. I really really really really don’t like money. But I really really really really need money. I know that statement’s a psycopath but hey. I mean it.

So let’s go back to the handbag case.

I seriously don’t get it. When people wanted beauty so much. When some people want to be tan. Some want to be a little bit dark. And some(like me) want to have a smooth armpits like those photoshop-ed celebrities.

Is that Nature? Hit me with your opinion. I seriously hate this feeling of wanting a smooth armpits. 

Die maybe

I just don’t feel like going outside and see people, or even glance through them. I really don’t know what I really want. I always wondered, how is my future going to look like.

I mean, come on. There are so many happy people out there doing their stuff with their friends. I just don’t have any. I do, but they’re not even here. As if it’s gonna be fun talking to them only connected through Mark Zuckerberg’s famous invention. Pff.

I don’t want money anymore to buy things I want to. I just need money to pay all these sickening bills and house rent. I hate being in this situation but what else I can do? Run away and forget everything and start a same new problems out there, alone?

I don’t want to look at my parents. And family.

I’m not motivated, I will never be.

I’ve lost everything. Trust, appetite, favourite things, orgasm. Everything. What else? Let go of this computer and that printer I recently bought?


Maybe I should take a long rest and die. 

Lisa Ekdahl "Now or Never"


I have no idea when was the first time I listened to this beautiful song. What I know is.. her voice sounds exactly same like my friend's(Satrina Jeafry). Well I do hope she google her name because I want her to read this post. Since I haven't seen her in a while.

This song is obviosly about someone she waited for so long to be with. Probably, she's been on this excrutiating wait and fed up and grab a pen and put this lyrics on. Her voice is fascinating, anyone can fall in love listening to it. Too bad, I'm a girl and isn't single anymore. Heheh!

Lisa Ekdahl-Now or Never (lyrics)

Hey there baby make up your mind
'Cause I've been waiting such a long, long time
Now baby or never 'cause I been so good to you
Now baby or never 'cause I've been so lonesome, too
Now baby or never if I mean anything to you
Now baby or never 'cause I've wasted so much time
Now baby or never and you must make up your mind
Now baby or never it ain't no fault of mine
It's got to be yes or no
It's either you stay or go
You can't leave me on the shelf
You gotta commit yourself
It's either you will, or you won't fall In love with me
I'm gonna call you once more on the telephone
I'll give you till twelve then I'll be gone

April 2013 : A Getaway to KK

This is an old story. About me and my friend had our short vacation to this lovely place, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This wasn't my first time for KK but still, whenever you have your best buddy with you, the trip is going to be fun. 

I didn't bring any cash. Well I did, but only few bucks and I assume that as zero. I reached KK with bad feelings. I don't know where to go and what to do. Even if that was not my first time being in KK. I studied in Sabah Foundation College in 2009 for a year but I quit for a major reason anyone can have, MONEY. But that was few years ago. KK had changed a lot. That instant. or it's just my bad memories.

So, after 15 minutes of waiting, my friend finally reached and she asked me where to go. Going for a hotel-hunt was not a bad idea so we grab a cab and head to the town. Yeah, tired. Heavy backpack and shits. We finally found a cheap hotel named ...err I don't think I'm going to mention the name here because I'll tell you why, later. 

Single bed for two single lady. That sounds awkward,huh? Not when you know you're straight enough to do so. Cut cost so that's it. A single bedroom sounds good. That tv pissed me very well since I have to search for the channel manually. Although I'm not in the mood for watching tv. Just feel like lying down watching some good movies. Too bad, no good movies.

I'll tell you the reason why I'm not mentioning the hotel's name. It's because....this room scared me with the cockroaches. My friend paid RM60 a night not to see a fucking cockroach landed in my beer?!

And also, she bought me beers too. What a friend! but damn that cocky.

First day in KK, head to the bundle palace. Not really a palace. Haha. We bought cheap awesome clothes! I swear they were very cheap and in good condition.

That's my friend. She was wearing that sweater I bought at the same place few years ago. Hahaha I don't know if she noticed that or not.

The next day, we walked to Centrepoint Mall, located exactly in the middle of the not-so-busy town. We just walked the whole day for our eyes. Lookin for stuff and tried on some wigs.

That's me. Do I look similar to this guy?

Meh.. Just an attempt on having the same thick hair with Jesse Pintado. Btw, he died. R.I.P.

We also met few friends in KK. And up with a brilliant idea. We're going to Kundasang! I always wanted to go there. and I nailed it. It was a beautiful place, and beautiful temperature. hahaha.

A sudden situation that pissed me off very well

I have been scratching my arms for 10 minutes discontinuously. I had no idea what the heck is going on with my skin. It irritates very much everytime I finished my shower. I am using Dove Bar soap and is that the reason?

Skip that.

I am doing just fine these few days. And I imagined a lot of things lately. Especially about my future. I thought about starting a so called 'new life' somewhere out of this country. I distaste every random things that is happening around, especially the people.

Remember about my last post(I strictly believe that no one reads my blog) which I mentioned about 'I am a hater' ? Yes, I am. Maybe to be precisely clear. I am a hater because I received rude answers from people, that 'disgusted' look everytime I am asking for specification of an expensive gadgets. Like, come on.

Today I went to Everrise for an instant groceries shopping. While I am waiting for the cashier to RECOUNT the balance(I don't know what took them so long for that), I glanced to my left and right and heard a conversation of three workers. One of them was the cleaner which obviously means he is the one who's holding the broom and the dustpan. And the other two bastards probably are the supervisor or shit. I don't know. "Clean that up!!" one of the two bastard angrily point at a piece of rubbish(roughly sized around 5cm x 5cm) and the humble cleaner dude swept it to the dustpan and asked one of the two bastards "You celebrate Raya?"

Look. This isn't about the question. This is about the look on his face. He asked it with bursting fear, he was trying to have a communication with them two bastards. And that guy pretend like no one was asking him question. with that face. Holy lord, what is wrong with that guy.

That's ONE of rude appearance I dislike which I have to deal with, everyday.

I'm not saying that other countries don't have these types of people. It's just... I just want to give it a shot, you know?

I wanna live in Sweden so much. Don't ask me why, I'll hit you with a long list of reasons. And I don't want to do so.