Patience Level 9999

When you wanted to be so good, you don't just be good, you don't just go that way alone.

You know what I mean?

Well actually you can. But then, have you thought about your ability to make people--other people-- think that way? Think that you're good. You can't adjust them. You're lack of that talent. For god sake, you're very cool to me. But to others?

Everyone needs to be respect. Everyone needs it.

You'll notice the reason I crap about this shit in my blog, maybe one day, but maybe one not-going-to-happen day. Because I'm bad at telling people what to and what not to do. Because everytime I try to tell them, I didn't get the consideration, I get the guilt. And being an automated-competetitor. somehow.

But the main point is : please. I don't want to see anger everyday, I don't want to see hatred everyday.
I do have the mirror. I know I am like that too. But please, control it for the sake of joy.

You know what is my next mission?

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