From Borneo to le Zermatt

The stretch of Alpine mountains that runs through the country divides Europe into two. Zermatt, is a beautiful village that I really wanted to go to. Behind those mountains, there's a lot I can do. I really enjoy doing outdoor activities but.. here, in my town I'm living in right now, I never had the chance. I did. But I don't like that feeling of having a short-happiness. But I do feel grateful though.

I always wanted to get out from this country some day, after having enough money for me to afford everything--which includes my foods, shopping, a place to enjoy a long-spectacular rest (with whomever I go there with), beers, and etc.

And since Switzerland is having a well-developed train route system, that would be an awesome thing to try. I never get on a train since I was a foetus. I would love to travel by the panoramic train here in Switzerland and get a clear view of the country-side.

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