Life is crazy. Extremely crazy. When you're ready and prepared to jump into it, you can see a lot of obstacles falling down right to your head. You can see every different kind of sins standing right in front of you, to wait for your desire to loose. You can't feel the weight. You can't feel the pain outside. It's inside.

No one knows about being fucked up. Not even me. When you get hit by some misery shit and what you get is those cheap immature words from them who you thought were your closest person. Or do I have to mention: family

Words are dangerous. It can make you feel good despite the cruelty of it that it hides. We see what we can see, we cannot see what we cannot see. God only knows.

But when every truth is splattering, that's where you dont speak anymore. Because you have nothing else to say. All you need is a new chapter. Move on and see what comes next. Let Him lead.

I don't know what my parents expect from me. I don't know what they want from me. I really hope they know where I am going and what I want to do.

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