Maybelline Baby Lips SPF20

I never really posted anything about this kind of 'stuff'. I recently bought this Maybelline SPF20 BabyLips. I think this one is so far my favourite. It has no whatever colour.

I, well, am a smoker so I always had this problem with my lips. Chapped and cracked all the time even if I drink tons of water! So I found that this lipbalm is so helpful, for any type of lady like me that hates make up, this is really good. When I spread it on my lips, I don't have that irritating feelings. Like previously I was using Nivea's, but I hate it how my lips turned pinkish and red-ish. Gah.

So basically, I really recommend this one. It moistures your lips and at the same time, when people see it in your purse they'll freak to death because it looks (not so) cute. Well, it's pink?

Ah crap. Am I trying to not feeling sad by crapping about some Maybelline product? Go to sleep.

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