The Saturday Ingredients

So I was thinking about lots of things this morning when I woke up.

1. Insecurity
2. Friendship
3. Relationship
4. Faith

Well. I am a bit picky in friendship and relationship. When I want to make friends, I avoid the unwanted. This has nothing to do with isolation of course. But I have been with many people, well what can I say? Friends sometimes make you feel like you're the one that is standing firm on the wrong side. Even if you're not, your apology is their victory.
I care about my feelings. I don't use that i-dont-give-a-shit terms in friendship. When I give a shit, you can see me fading away. Less friends less dramas? Hipster me.  Fuck cares. ;)

So, lately. I spend most of my weekend, alone. Kinda depressing but in another view, it is really good.
But who wants to go for a karaoke alone?! I need my cousin Jasmine. Eventhough she is really annoying to me. Annoying in her kind of way. Damnit.

So today I went to Thomson Corner. It's a coffee shop. I ordered Ice Lemon Tea and Tomato Crispy Mee. Eh.. Total RM5.20. Freakin worth it. Haha.

I really miss him. This is the only place left for us to come to when we ran out of idea, where should we go.

Night is the only time for you to worry what'll come tomorrow.

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