Strange, but it's true.

There are a lot of things happened lately that I have no freaking little time left for myself to update anything in this blog. Well, here I am, out of nowhere, posting random stuff.

I am working right now. Just so you know, I am an IT Assistant now. Heh. My dream job. Suddenly came true, that's the power of God you should wait and believe for, everyday.

Meanwhile, my life. Has been the same I guess. My period didn't go well, I skipped too much meals. Not to deduce weight but because I am having a career and alone in this town. I do have a housemate, we ate a lot together for dinner but I don't think our meals were healthy. But fuck cares, that is why my period didn't go well.

Miss the small apartment though. I feel so incomplete, not having him here with me. For one torturing year.

I just have to go through everything alone. Despite having this pretty annoying smiles on my face, I managed to at least cheer my brain a little. Scumbag brain. Brain never thought about what your heart tells you. But I always go for a brain instead. That rebellious feeling. Hah.

I spent my night life hanging out with friends. We basically discussed about how rubbish works in our daily life, so yeah we ended up enjoying sausage for no reason. (???)

And I pet a hedgehog! My boyfriend caught it for me. We found it running like a mouse that is in 'low-batt' mode, with redeyes. Gosh at first we thought that was some sort of a devil or some creepy creature. Since, we never knew anything about hedgehog, I mean, how it really looks like. Then, I googled and found out that it is an Albino hedgehog. Hehe. Have not discover the gender yet but I prefer to say it is a male. HE IS SO CUTE AND FAT AND LAZY like me. 

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