I am wearing a yellow Tshirt

Well, what can I say. I can say I am having a lot of fun in my workplace. I just got back from lunch. Nearby. 3 minutes walk. Can't even burn the calories that is lingering inside me. I really have nothing to blog about. Life has been, same. For past few days and months. But I feel so good talking to myself here. It's like, when I talk and read at the same time, that is satisfaction. It's different from liking your own status on Facebook. Haha. Ahh feelin good I don't own one right now. If I know how Mark Zuckerberg/burg sounds like, his voice must be tickling my head. God.

Back to what I do for my living, I repair computers and googling stuff everyday. That includes Yoga Tutorials, Healthy Food Recipe (oh God knows I never cook them, or even try to cook them), Cool websites, Games, etc.
I also spend most of my times do farming! Farming in Clash of Clans and like, real farming! Hay Day! Gaaaaaad I hate that game but I love that game.

My lovely workspace.
So this is.. my workspace. I love it. It is my secondary bed, difference is I don't sleep here. I sit here staring at the computer. For 9 hours. Just kidding. I go out to sites. So, that is why I name it my secondary bed. I can't wait to get back here. Sooo comfy.

I wear shirts and flats to work. Thank you, Jesus. I hate high heels and formal outfits. 
I am planning on a resignation. I'm thinking about doing some food business. Wish me luck. ;-)

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