How I recover from sadness.

Feeling sad is the last thing I ever want to have in life. It feels like the whole world is filled with dead people that is trying to find a formula that can make them come back to life. It feels like you are surrounded by walls, with no doors and windows. It feels like you're stranded in nowhere, alone. It feels like everyone is so stupid,including you. Mixed feelings. Well who can escape? Tell me.

Damn. I cant ask myself to stop feeling sad. Who can? But then, that there, is why we are given choice to believe in Him. We gain faith by believing in Him, the only one that will make us happy, not physically, but spiritually. We need Him to be happy. How can we feel sad when we know He is giving us something awesome that hasn't reach its perfect timing yet?

I get sad easily. Sigh a lot. Too many things to think! Tired of thinking! Gahhhhhhhhh.

That is why we have to wait. Patiently. Because He has given us everything. We all can get it so easily by believing. Have faith. Because everything is finished and your choice is the only thing left to do instead of feeling bad about eveything.

Things in the world are always crazy, stupid, miserable, confusing, complicated, pissing us off. But whenever we face those kind of situation, we stop for a minute and pray to God.

He is the one and only. Amen!

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