I am not sure with 21 but I think these are my opinions about 21.

I am having a little trouble with my future, recently and can't stop thinking about any good ways to solve it. Not even google. Not even any version of Oxford Dictionary. Being a 21 year-old girl is always boring and challenging. Boring of being a boring despite it is actually challenging.

Being a 21 year-old girl does not keep you away from being broke. Especially when you're thousand miles away from your parents. (cough) I'm sorry, I have to make that sentence sounds more specific : Especially when you're thousand miles away from your parents' wallet and the only machine that helps you with that is the nearest ATM machine.  

That feeling when you are craving for ; let's say, pancakes. A simple mixture of flour which will brings your empty stomach few awesome slices of that mixture.
So, you're craving for it which merely means you're slowly dying. What else can make it worst when your kitchen's rack is full with only dust, and your pocket filled with a wallet but the wallet filled with nothing but some useless cards? Die? Not yet I guess because you're still wanting that slices of shits. Holy crap, no ingredients, things won't work but how is things going to work when your wallet has useless cards? That insane principle. It is somehow beyond insanity.

Being a 21 year-old girl is stereotypical. But when it comes to friendship, it hardened you. Especially when everyone who stands and sits next to you, is a piece of lame shit; Especially when everyone who tries to help you with your assignments, is the most terrifying creature you've ever seen; Especially when everyone who tries to form a group with you, is the one who wanted to boss you in the next few hours. That is why I have a small ammount of friends, and I have no idea why the hell I have over 1k friends in Facebook. But that'll probably helped though. I can see how these people hung out, how those people communicate with each other, and how this person react upon a break-up with a dumbass.

Being a 21 year-old girl is imaginary. I do imagine impossible things. a lot. I once imagined, how would I look like when I can walk upside-down, in a perfect posture. Mehh.

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