Die maybe

I just don’t feel like going outside and see people, or even glance through them. I really don’t know what I really want. I always wondered, how is my future going to look like.

I mean, come on. There are so many happy people out there doing their stuff with their friends. I just don’t have any. I do, but they’re not even here. As if it’s gonna be fun talking to them only connected through Mark Zuckerberg’s famous invention. Pff.

I don’t want money anymore to buy things I want to. I just need money to pay all these sickening bills and house rent. I hate being in this situation but what else I can do? Run away and forget everything and start a same new problems out there, alone?

I don’t want to look at my parents. And family.

I’m not motivated, I will never be.

I’ve lost everything. Trust, appetite, favourite things, orgasm. Everything. What else? Let go of this computer and that printer I recently bought?


Maybe I should take a long rest and die. 

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