Is that Nature

Don't tell me ‘a handbag looks beautiful’. I just really really can't see a beauty on a handbag. well unless it's leather and world can call it a SLINGBAG? I know what is your next question will be. “How old are you?!”
Let me ease you. I’m 21. As 21 as hell. I am very keen in being this young, but have to go through what old people went through. I know what are you going to say next. “You don’t know how they feel. You don’t know what they went through.”

Okay. I don’t. But at least I know a little piece of it. Let me tell you one thing about myself. I keep changing thoughts. I think I’m very awesome at that. I can have thirty five thoughts in 10 seconds. And change them in the next micro-sec.

You know. I really really really really don’t like money. But I really really really really need money. I know that statement’s a psycopath but hey. I mean it.

So let’s go back to the handbag case.

I seriously don’t get it. When people wanted beauty so much. When some people want to be tan. Some want to be a little bit dark. And some(like me) want to have a smooth armpits like those photoshop-ed celebrities.

Is that Nature? Hit me with your opinion. I seriously hate this feeling of wanting a smooth armpits. 

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