April 2013 : A Getaway to KK

This is an old story. About me and my friend had our short vacation to this lovely place, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This wasn't my first time for KK but still, whenever you have your best buddy with you, the trip is going to be fun. 

I didn't bring any cash. Well I did, but only few bucks and I assume that as zero. I reached KK with bad feelings. I don't know where to go and what to do. Even if that was not my first time being in KK. I studied in Sabah Foundation College in 2009 for a year but I quit for a major reason anyone can have, MONEY. But that was few years ago. KK had changed a lot. That instant. or it's just my bad memories.

So, after 15 minutes of waiting, my friend finally reached and she asked me where to go. Going for a hotel-hunt was not a bad idea so we grab a cab and head to the town. Yeah, tired. Heavy backpack and shits. We finally found a cheap hotel named ...err I don't think I'm going to mention the name here because I'll tell you why, later. 

Single bed for two single lady. That sounds awkward,huh? Not when you know you're straight enough to do so. Cut cost so that's it. A single bedroom sounds good. That tv pissed me very well since I have to search for the channel manually. Although I'm not in the mood for watching tv. Just feel like lying down watching some good movies. Too bad, no good movies.

I'll tell you the reason why I'm not mentioning the hotel's name. It's because....this room scared me with the cockroaches. My friend paid RM60 a night not to see a fucking cockroach landed in my beer?!

And also, she bought me beers too. What a friend! but damn that cocky.

First day in KK, head to the bundle palace. Not really a palace. Haha. We bought cheap awesome clothes! I swear they were very cheap and in good condition.

That's my friend. She was wearing that sweater I bought at the same place few years ago. Hahaha I don't know if she noticed that or not.

The next day, we walked to Centrepoint Mall, located exactly in the middle of the not-so-busy town. We just walked the whole day for our eyes. Lookin for stuff and tried on some wigs.

That's me. Do I look similar to this guy?

Meh.. Just an attempt on having the same thick hair with Jesse Pintado. Btw, he died. R.I.P.

We also met few friends in KK. And up with a brilliant idea. We're going to Kundasang! I always wanted to go there. and I nailed it. It was a beautiful place, and beautiful temperature. hahaha.

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