A sudden situation that pissed me off very well

I have been scratching my arms for 10 minutes discontinuously. I had no idea what the heck is going on with my skin. It irritates very much everytime I finished my shower. I am using Dove Bar soap and is that the reason?

Skip that.

I am doing just fine these few days. And I imagined a lot of things lately. Especially about my future. I thought about starting a so called 'new life' somewhere out of this country. I distaste every random things that is happening around, especially the people.

Remember about my last post(I strictly believe that no one reads my blog) which I mentioned about 'I am a hater' ? Yes, I am. Maybe to be precisely clear. I am a hater because I received rude answers from people, that 'disgusted' look everytime I am asking for specification of an expensive gadgets. Like, come on.

Today I went to Everrise for an instant groceries shopping. While I am waiting for the cashier to RECOUNT the balance(I don't know what took them so long for that), I glanced to my left and right and heard a conversation of three workers. One of them was the cleaner which obviously means he is the one who's holding the broom and the dustpan. And the other two bastards probably are the supervisor or shit. I don't know. "Clean that up!!" one of the two bastard angrily point at a piece of rubbish(roughly sized around 5cm x 5cm) and the humble cleaner dude swept it to the dustpan and asked one of the two bastards "You celebrate Raya?"

Look. This isn't about the question. This is about the look on his face. He asked it with bursting fear, he was trying to have a communication with them two bastards. And that guy pretend like no one was asking him question. with that face. Holy lord, what is wrong with that guy.

That's ONE of rude appearance I dislike which I have to deal with, everyday.

I'm not saying that other countries don't have these types of people. It's just... I just want to give it a shot, you know?

I wanna live in Sweden so much. Don't ask me why, I'll hit you with a long list of reasons. And I don't want to do so.


  1. people here.... nowadays especially,,, mmg racist

  2. They are. tapi tok bukan racist. sama bangsa dirimpun.. it was horrible man. Especially when it comes to that 'people'. ngeh