24th July 2013 : Carpooling #1

I drew a norm on a piece of a paper. That paper does not exist. 
Dude. Today was normal. It flows... nahhhh not perfectly or shits, just normal. 

I had an eight-to-five class schedule today. I can say it was tiring but I saw something that made me think for few seconds : Are you sure you're tired? of these classes? sitting in an air-conditioned room.. with comfortable chairs and had fun with your Slender?

Yea. I asked myself these question and blinked. Whoa. That was holy intense, man. 

Straight to the point. I woke up at 5 freaking cold morning today. Due to some technical difficulties. Squeak. Squawk. Squeal. Grind. It's the sound of brakes going bad! But, seriously. It really needs a lot of cash to get over this problem, instantly. So we decided to carpool. Luckily our friend, Baw, is a help-master. I couldn't thank him in any way. Saying 'thanks' is the only thing I can honestly give in return. 

Sorry, but here's a funny story about few Malaysian. I am not sure about the peninsula, but most of us Sarawakian, pronounce Thank You or Thanks in this some kind of hillarious way. It sounds like this, man. "Teng-Q". Whatever, back to my story.


So, since I had class at 8 A.M and their working hours started 1 hour earlier than usual due to Ramadan, which had to be at 6 A.M, I had to drop them at their workplace (oh, yeah..they work at the same company) and had to wait for two hours for college. You get it, I hope. It's two damn hours. I don't think I can go back home and take any kind of beautiful nap. The distance of my house to my campus, empty wallet, running out of fuels. That's somehow terrifying. Please agree.

I had no options so I went to this shop lot nearby and listened to Rob Stewart for few minutes and turn off the engine and I had no idea what the hell I was doing just now. But time flies, maniacs. 

I went to my college at 7:45 A.M. Gave the car the most sheltered space, next to the shrubs and get the hell out of the car. I sighed. I know I wasn't suppose to do so. But I didn't give a fuck about that, I sighed badly. Sleepy, lazy, hungry. 

But suddenly...
There's a construction site somewhere opposite my college. There were sooooooo many workers, on the rooftops, hit by the direct sunlight, no shelter, no shrubs, but a safety helmet.

The thing that made me sad is... I am not sure of how many children they have, and bills and shits. I didn't mean that those are poor workers, it's just that... I am not suppose to complain about my life. I have chairs, desks, computers, air-conditioned room, friends to play counter-strike with, etc. 

But them? 

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