Bushy, Tiny Masters Of Today

Behind her chary-looking performance, there are words she's trying to tell the world. Instead of getting hyper on stage she accidentally decided to just stand on her quiet feet and speak out. I found this video on youtube while I was watching The Gits. As usual, I ventured to related links on the sidebar and I found this and I googled them up. 

Consists of two siblings Ivan(age 13) & Ada(age 11). Bushy, one of their track from the Bang Bang Boom Cake is a song obviously about how they dislike the president 'bushy'. 

Lyric :

Tell you what your worth to me 
A little less than a penny 
All my friends agree with me 
You’re the worst president Bushy 
Lying to the people and they don’t care 
Cos you’re the one with pink underwear 
Talk to the government and they agree 
You’re the worst president Bushy

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