I am a hater.

Who can deal with emotion? I can't. Can you?

I don't know and not sure about this but I can say I'm a terrible hater, currently. Everyone is stupid to me. They make mistake. I'll have no problem when they hit me with some major mistakes like giving me wrong answers for my questions or giving me a fail sets of codes for my tutorial.

But, these people.. Ah. They really start the fire and do the evil laugh.

I don't know.

I just don't know.

Should I just ignore them or what? I can't ignore stupid people. They really need to be fixed, man. I am stupid too but I know my limits. What can replace the word 'stupid'? Stereotypical bastard.
How does it feel, when you're in this conversation, which consists of 4 to 5 persons. They started to laugh at... I don't know. A joke? But I don't think that's a joke, dude seriously? I don't feel like want to laugh as hard as they enjoy the farts while laughing.

And you know, there will be this important character, in everything I do and everywhere I go.
He gets hyper when he sees girls. Especially a girl with a tight tanktop with a short skirts and that slow-kind of smile and that..you know..that baby-crying when she gets teased? Fuck off. He gets hyper instantly, man. Sakai. And right after that girl leaves, he acts normal. I think a guy like that should destruct himself right in the middle of a gunfight. As soon as possible if can.

Nah, I'm right. I am a hater. Fuck me. Goodnight.

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