How I deal with people around me

I, despite living with someone who is not at home during lunch, able to have lunch by myself--currently.

That isn't an achievement. I know.. My point is, sometimes being alone is not as hard as you imagined. It only requires some happy messages to reach your brain and make it happen. 

A loner is a sad person? No. Some people like to be alone. Some people don't. Some people want to be alone. Some people don't. There are so many different behaviour & temperament that surround us. 
I (somehow) found it very hard-to-get periodically. It depends on how people expose that feeling. Either showing me their angry faces, or by a serious implication to my ... to my... I don't know. Maybe to my career or else? Or sarcastically make me a God. 

You know? Too much.
Sometimes we can't impeccably take what they give; until we can indirectly see what they are attempting to convey.

That's how I deal with people. Not in the past.

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