Because mindfuck that's why.

It feels horrible when the night before I fell asleep, I suddenly thought of this situation :

I have a family which consists of me, a sister, a quiet father and a loud mother. I do have a brother. He was adopted, many years ago before I was even born. He's really good. Really good in giving us troubles and hard times. Which obviously makes each and everyone of us dislikes him. But God only knows, somewhere deep down in our heart, we love him. We just don't expose that feeling, physically.
My family never took a family portrait, you know, by what I am saying here, a family portrait which clearly means me, my sister and my mom and dad, aren't in the picture TOGETHER.

Well, here's the story about what I had reflected in my mind that night.

IF *cough*

If one day, we decide to take a photo of our family, my mom and my sister don't want the 'brother' to be in the photo, I will be his stupid hero. I will confront both my mom and sister and tell them not to do so. I will tell them no matter what happened, he is still a part of the family. (ah come on this sounds really stupid, I really hope that you still remember that THIS is about my thoughts the night before I fell asleep, please read the first sentence of this post. Just in case I sound like I am not who I am.. blehh I am not a nice lady though)

I'm going to skip this to the end.

So, we'll have a desperate piece of a family portrait. Finally.

The end. 

*cough slowly*

Back to the night before I fell asleep. I was on my bed and giggled about that story I visualized few minutes before I fell asleep. After a few minutes, probably a few hours, I had a BAD(when I capitalize a letter that means it is a SERIOUS shit) BAD BAD dream. I dreamnt about my brother tried to strangle me and watch me die in his hands,dude..not arms. If I'm not mistaken, he wore white gloves.

Man, I was trying to be nice. That is so opposite. Why?!

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